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Yoko Kajio

Working in the field of installation art, moving image, photography, sound, and art performance.
In a world consisting of competing forces; the synthetic seeks to dominate the natural; virtual reality and the spiritual seek to become more real than real. Like Yin and Yang there needs to be a balance. Her work seeks to express nature though technology as her insignificant part in redressing the balance between the synthetic and the natural.



Adelalide Oval, SALA festival, Where sport meets art, U Enter, 2015
Adelaide, Australia / Moving image



56th Venice Biennale official collateral event, Jump into unknown
Nine Dragon Heads, Punto di nor ritorno, 2015
Venice, Italy / Installation, dimension variable



Light Up the Lantern, SALA2014 Austraian Network for Art and Technology /Adelaide Council
ProjectVisible & Invisible Lights (#hart) 2014, Adelaide, Australia / dimension variable



5th Tbillisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Georgian National Museum
ARTISTERIUM, The Protest that Never Ends, Nine dragon Heads, Culture jamming, 2012
Tbillisi, Georgia / Photograph on japanese paper, 112cm x 77cm



ARKO Arts Center (Korea Art Council Museum), 9DH, leap into air 2010
Seoul, South Korea / Installation, dimension variable


it's a beautiful day

Artspace Gallery, Adelaide festival Centre, SALA MI project, It’s a beautiful day, 2010
Adelaide Australia / Installation, dimension variable



Shanghai Zendai Museum Mordern Art, Magnetism Suspension, Gnidrocer-Nothing is permanent05
2005, Shanghai, China / Installation, dimension variable



Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Z, Wave3, 2003
Sydney Australia / Installation dvd still - dimension variable



Down town art space, electtroni nessun senso, 2003
Adelaide, Australia /Installation, dimension variable




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